Kokuyo 2023 scholarship Design Award for Global Designers

 The goal of the KOKUYO design prize, an international contest for product design, is to collect and give shape to ideas for projects that will meet future demands.

A special prize honoring the 20th anniversary of the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is called the KOKUYO Award. It will be given to chosen student participants as a means of assisting their future work. 

Bringing you a tomorrow you can't wait for is KOKUYO's mission. Following that idea, they will choose up to 20 excellent entrants whose presentation sheets give us hope for their promising futures. (with no evaluation of the models).

Kokuyo 2023 scholarship Design Award for Global Designers

The competition intends to materialize the possibilities by engaging in in-depth reflection on the tools individuals use in their regular working, studying, and living environments.


 The KOKUYO Group's mission is to make the world a better place through its goods. By carefully observing individuals at work and in their daily lives, we are continuously looking for methods to help them become more creative. 

Furniture is a key component in creating an environment for intellectual pursuits, just as stationary is a crucial instrument. Our objective is to create a more creative society by creating products that cater to user demands and by providing advice on how to use such things.

Aims and Benefits of the Kokuyo Design Award

  • Grand Prix: 2,000,000 (one winner).
  • Merit Award: 500,000 (three winners).
  • Yokoku Award: 30,000 (up to 20 winners).

The contest's organizer will cover participants' hotel and travel costs (up to two individuals for group entries).

Kokuyo Design Award Qualification and Requirements

  • Any office supplies, furniture, or tool utilized in workplaces, classrooms, or homes.
  • Any organization, person, or group that satisfies all of the qualifications may enter the competition, regardless of their age, sex, profession, or nationality.
  • A presentation during the final judging is required (March 18, 2023).
  • The only designs eligible for entry are those that have never been made publicly visible (in Japan, other countries).

Date, Method, and Location of Kokuyo Design Award Interviews

Judging Standards;

  • The design incorporates a suggested resolution to a social problem.
  • There are elements in the design that encourage individuals to feel good.
  • The novelty of the concept.
  • Whether the product design is feasible.
  • Potential for the design to become a product.

Application Deadline

11 October, 2022

How to Apply

Interested candidate should visit KOKUYO on to apply.

Check the entry requirements, then use the ENTRY sections on our website to register your entrant details, design information, and submit your design data.

Go to the KOKUYO website for further information.


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