Scholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation for Foreign Students in Germany 2023–2024

 There are about 1,000 Heinrich Böll Foundation International Scholarships available for PhD, Graduate, and Undergraduate studies at German Universities.

Every year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation awards scholarships to about 1,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students from all disciplines and countries who are enrolled in German universities, universities of applied sciences (also known as "Fachhochschulen"), or universities of the arts (also known as "Kunsthochschulen"). The Middle East and North Africa, transition and newly industrialized nations, conflict-ridden areas globally, and Central and Eastern Europe are the locations that receive special attention from international students.

Scholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation for Foreign Students in Germany 2023–2024

About the Heinrich Böll Foundation

The independent, open-minded mindset is fostered by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. With 30 worldwide offices now, we maintain a global network. We support outstanding, politically active undergraduate and graduate students in Germany and abroad through close collaboration with 16 state-level Böll Foundations in each of Germany's federal states. The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a think tank for policy reform, a catalyst for environmental visions and initiatives, and a global network with strong ties to Germany.

Goal and Benefits of the Postgraduate Scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation

For the course of the undergraduate, master's, or doctoral program, scholarships will be provided.

Qualifications for the Heinrich Böll Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship.

To apply to study in Germany as an international student, you must meet the following general conditions (with the exception of EU citizens):

  • At the time the scholarship payments start, you must be registered at a state-recognized university or college in Germany (such as a Fachhochschule).
  • You must show documentation proving that you have earned your initial professional qualification. This program primarily aids students who want to earn a master's degree.
  • You must demonstrate your ability in German and you need to have a solid command of the language. Please be aware that the interview and group discussion portions of the selection workshop will often be conducted in German. But there can be exceptions (interview in English).
  • Unfortunately, the organization is prohibited from providing financial support to recipients of international scholarships for stays longer than four weeks abroad under the present policies.
  • Before you begin your education, you should unquestionably apply for a scholarship to guarantee long-term assistance and collaboration.
  • You are not eligible for a scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation if you are pursuing a one-year master's degree and have never received funding from the foundation.
  • You can apply before you start your program of study or throughout the first three semesters.
  • Candidates must demonstrate that they have been admitted as doctorate students by a university in Germany or another EU nation (for doctoral scholarship).

Date, time, and location of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship interview

Scholarship recipients from the Heinrich Böll Foundation are expected to have high academic standing, be politically and socially active, and show a strong commitment to the foundation's core principles of justice, democracy, and ecology.

Application-Required Documents

  • Personal information and a resume
  • a letter of motivation for an application to the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
  • An outline of your primary areas of interest and reasons for studying the subject you've selected.
  • a description of your political and social interests and cccommitments.

Application Deadline

September 1, 2022.

How to Apply

Are you capable and interested? To apply, visit the Heinrich Böll Foundation at

Note that we only accept applications submitted online.
  • Information about the application process and the required documents should be gathered.
  • Sign up for the internet application system.
  • Enter the necessary data on the online application portal.
  • Before the application deadline expires, submit your application after submitting all necessary papers.
The deadlines for applications are March 1 and September 1. Note that we only accept applications submitted online. About six weeks prior to the application deadline, the application portal will be made available.

International applicants must demonstrate their German language skills. It is necessary to have a strong understanding of the German language (at least B2 Level or DSH2).

To learn more, visit here.

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