The 2022 International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) is open to students in high schools and universities worldwide.

 Talented high school and college students are invited to submit entries for the International Youth Math Challenge 2022.

Students from all over the world can showcase their math skills and creative sides in the IYMC, an international mathematics competition.

Understanding the world, scientific advancement, engineering, and societal prosperity all depend on mathematics. There is no denying the importance of math education for children worldwide. IYMC wants to establish a worldwide competition that is available to all students and teachers so that teenagers can showcase their abilities, receive support and encouragement, and take pleasure in the wonderful field of mathematics.

The 2022 International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) is open to students in high schools and universities worldwide.

Information about International Youth Math Challenge 

In the International Youth Math Challenge, children from all over the world can demonstrate their mathematical prowess and release their creativity. 

Math is the language in which God penned the cosmos. G. Galileo Indeed, mathematics is crucial for our ability to understand the world, for the advancement of science, for engineering, and for the development of our society. Without a question, math education is important for children of all ages worldwide. IYMC wants to create a worldwide tournament that is open to all students.

Aims and Benefits of the IYMC Contest

  • Certificates of participation are given to each participant.
  • The top three students each earn a cash prize of $150 USD, $100 USD, and $50 USD as the first prize, second prize, and third prize, respectively (in both age categories).
  • You can join the IYMC network if your participation is successful, giving you the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with exceptional, like-minded, and motivational students all over the world.
  • With the goal of inspiring children and motivating them to engage in math and participate in IYMC, winners and motivated students are urged to become official IYMC ambassadors.
  • All participants who utilize expert computer tools to record their solutions (such as TeX) receive a special honourable remark on their certificates because this competency is crucial.

 Qualification and Requirements for IYMC contest

  • Applicant must be enrolled in high school or college.
  • To advance to the following stage, you will need to solve more issues depending on your age (over 18 or under 18).
  • Students from all nations and grades are welcome to take part.
  • You need be intelligent, open-minded, and creative in order to address the problems.
  • If you plan to submit your answer online, you should have a functional internet cconnection.

 Application Deadline
October 16, 2022.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? visit to apply

Please use the official submission form to submit your answer to the qualification round (found here). Pay close attention to the following:

  • Mark your final solutions clearly (e.g. underlining, red color, box).
  • The digitally typed solution file or a clear image of your handwritten notes are also acceptable. The certificates include a special honourable mention for solutions that were typed electronically.
  • One file can be uploaded at a time. Please combine all of your photographs into a single file if you have several (e.g. you can use ImgToPDF).
  • PDF and image (jpg, jpeg, png) files can be uploaded. Word or ZIP files are not acceptable file types for us. You may employ this tool.
After submitting your response via the submission form, you can access your status page (here). You can check your status on this page.
  • Verify your status as well as any solutions you've uploaded.
  • examine your performance ratings and results for each round.
  • Get all of your certificates by downloading them.
  • For the preliminary round, upload solutions.
  • view your personal data, among other things.
Important Information: Emails don't always arrive as expected (e.g. spam folder). Check your status page at all times. We will update your status page with crucial information, your results, and certificates!

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