Win a vacation around the world by taking the Tetrix 2022 Challenge!

 Do you currently attend a university in South America, Central America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Oceania? Participate in a life-changing adventure to enter the digital economy. For the Tetrix Challenge 2022, apply right away!

The world's largest university challenge is Tetris! Guinness World Records has acknowledged the Tetrix Challenge. It has four stages and is entirely free. The grand prize is a trip to all five continents.

About Tetris

The largest university challenge in the entire world is TETRIX! Guinness World Records has acknowledged this. It has 4 stages and is completely free. The grand prize is a trip to all 5 continents!

Win a vacation around the world by taking the Tetrix 2022 Challenge!

Goal and Advantages of the Tetris Challenge

  • The winner receives a journey around the globe, visiting all five continents while getting to know the biggest businesses and projects promoting innovation and digital transformation worldwide. Fairs, activities connected to the digital sector, cultural tours, and networking with people from various countries and backgrounds are also included.
  • Each semifinalist receives a complimentary travel to Brazil for the final round of competition! Along with the fantastic networking and education gained during the challenge's phases.

Date, Method, and Location of the Tetris Challenge Interview

Tetrix Challenge 2022 has 4 stages, which are as follows:

  • 50 multiple-choice questions will be included in the initial stage.
  • Second stage: you will respond to 8 situational questions and have access to expertise tracks.
  • A group question will be answered at the live semifinal in 2021, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro.
  • The fourth stage/final is the grand finale! Individual responses to Question 60 for a panel of the best judges in this market.

Deadline of the Application

Not Specified

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidate should visit, Tetrix at to Apply.

For more information, go here.


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