African Award For Sustainable Development Goals in ONE 2022

 The 2022 ONE Africa Award will honor African-driven and -led advocacy initiatives that have achieved success at the local, governmental, and international levels. The US$100,000 prize will honor creative African efforts to combat extreme poverty and encourage more such initiatives.

The $100,000 prize will reward creative efforts made in Africa to combat poverty and encourage more of them. To provide the prize to two smaller groups that would be better equipped to handle a lesser monetary award, the prize may be divided into two prizes.

About ONE

A global movement called ONE is working to eradicate severe poverty and preventable disease by the year 2030, enabling everyone to live with dignity and opportunity. We think that the struggle against poverty is about justice and equality, not about charity.

 In addition to empowering citizens to hold their governments accountable, ONE pressures governments to do more to combat extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. This is done through lobbying political leaders in global capitals and cutting-edge grassroots campaigns. 

The supporters of ONE are essential to this effort. They represent all political ideologies and come from all facets of society. They are students, scientists, religious and corporate leaders, as well as artists and activists.

They work tirelessly to organize, mobilize, inform, and advocate for change so that people have the ability to not only survive, but also thrive. 

Teams from ONE work with governments in Abuja, Berlin, Brussels, Dakar, Johannesburg, London, New York, Ottawa, Paris, and Washington, DC to design policies that save and improve millions of lives but are yearly threatened by budget cuts and other priorities.

African Award For Sustainable Development Goals in ONE 2022

Goals and Advantages of the ONE Africa Award

The award honors, acknowledges, and advances the extraordinary work done by African-founded and -based organizations that are committed to promoting development objectives in Africa.

Qualification and Requirements for the ONE Africa Award

  • NGOs, civil society organizations, and other entities with a presence in Africa who have successfully advocated for the achievement of one or more of the SDGs are encouraged to submit an application.
  • The achievement of any of the SDGs by direct services is permitted for qualified recipients, but they must show that effective advocacy is an essential component of the delivery and success of their programs. Advocacy/pressure groups and think tanks that participate in governance tasks including tracking resource flows and/or holding leaders responsible for SDG fulfillment are examples of qualified recipients.
  • Advocacy/pressure groups and think tanks that participate in governance activities including resource flow monitoring and/or keeping governments responsible for MDG promises are examples of qualified recipients.

Date, Method, and Location of the ONE Africa Award Interview

Organizations will receive grades in five categories, with each category receiving between 1 and 10 points:
  1. How well the organization has developed and implemented an innovative advocacy campaign that uses sustainable and entrepreneurial methods to make an effect in a particular industry (s).
  2. The capacity to clearly and concisely express results-oriented frameworks and precise measures of success and impact tying work to a specified area or sectors.
  3. demonstration of the organization's capacity to duplicate its scaling-up initiatives.
  4. Strong internal and constituency accountability mechanisms must be demonstrated, as well as operational transparency (for instance, through community leadership consultations and program participation to show that interventions are relevant to the majority of the poor in the target community and empower them in a sustainable way).
  5. How well the organization has forged innovative alliances to meet its objectives and coordinate with other development players Players from the public and commercial sectors may participate in these partnerships.

Application Deadline

September 30,2022

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidate should visit, ONE at to apply.

Send your application in its entirety to:

ONE Campaign
First Floor, Sedgwick House, 19, Muswell Road, Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa, 2021.

also by email at

Visit the ONE Champions website for additional information.

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