Australian Government Stipend Scholarship and Research Training Program (RTP) 2022


With effect as of 1 January 2017, the Commonwealth Government's Research Training Program (RTP) offers financing to institutions to promote the research training of higher degree research (HDR) candidates from both home and abroad. 

Universities have the option to manage and grant a variety of stipend scholarships known as Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships thanks to the funds made available through the RTP. 

These prizes, which replace the funding made available through the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), are controlled by the Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines (Research) 2017. (see Section 21 of these conditions for arrangements for continuing candidates previously supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award).

 Applicants with high research potential who are starting or enrolled in HDR programs for which RTP financing is available are given RTP Stipends by Griffith University. RTP Stipends are given to candidates to help with their normal living expenses; program tuition is not covered by them.

Australian Government Stipend Scholarship and Research Training Program (RTP) 2022

About Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTPS).

The RTP awards block grants to HEPs on a calendar-year basis to support domestic and international students pursuing higher degrees by research, including as research doctorates and research master's degrees (HDRs).

The following are the goals of RTP scheme;

  • To assist the training of domestic students and international students completing HDRs at Australian HEPs, flexible funding arrangements should be made available.
  • provide graduates with the abilities necessary to pursue professions in academics and other fields of the workforce.
  • help HEPs and industry and other research end-users collaborate.
  • assisting international students enrolled in HDR programs at Australian HEPs.

RTP scholarships may be given to students for any combination of the following:

  • School costs are offset
  • Subsidy for living expenses in general
  • Reimbursements for the extra expenses associated with earning research degrees.

RTP scholarships are offered for a maximum of two years for a research masters to both domestic and international students participating in an authorized HDR course at an Australian HEP. This maximum period is being increased to two years and six months (full-time students), at the discretion of HEPs, under interim measures that will be in place in 2020 to lessen the effects of the corona virus pandemic.

The aim and advantages of Australian government RTP scholarships

A fortnightly living allowance of AUD $28,854 (2022 rate, adjusted annually) is provided by the Australian Government Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship. Provisions for parental leave, sick leave, and relocation are also applicable.

Australian Government RTP Stipend Scholarship Qualification Requirements

Applicants must be beginning or enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research program at Griffith University (for which RTP support is available) in order to be eligible for consideration for grant of an Australian Government RTP Stipend Scholarship. A benefit more than 75% of the RTP stipend must not be received by applicants from another source to cover their basic living expenses. Income received for reasons other than the candidate's research program or for the candidate's research program but not for the support of ordinary living expenses is not to be considered.

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


Are you capable and interested? To apply, visit (Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships).

  • The procedure for submitting an online application for a research program, which has a part for scholarship application, must be followed by new applicants.
  • A different procedure must be followed in order to apply for a scholarship if you are currently a research candidate.
  • A maximum of two applications from the same applicant may be taken into account for the ranking and selection of the scholarship in any five-year period.

Fresh applicant current applicant

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