International Early-career & Experienced Researchers British Academy 2022 Writing Workshops

 The Writing Workshops are designed to empower early-career researchers in developing nations by fostering professional networks, creating research partnerships, encouraging the development of skills, offering guidance on career development, and promoting the adoption of research from these nations.

The British Academy hopes to encourage and assist early career researchers in developing nations who wish to publish in high impact journals in the humanities and social sciences, as well as give them the opportunity to network with academics and journal editors based both domestically and abroad, through the Writing Workshops program. The writing workshops are essentially career interventions that try to modify long-standing academic culture and interact with the larger research environment.

These workshops must be held in nations that qualify for ODA.

Information About the British Academy

The British Institution is the country's national academy for the social sciences and humanities. It was founded in 1902 and granted a royal charter the following year. Now a fellowship of more than 1,000 eminent academics from the humanities and social sciences, it serves as a funding source for research initiatives across the United Kingdom. The academy, which has its headquarters at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace in London, is a self-governing, independent registered charity.

According to the academy, it serves the following five main objectives: to advocate for the social sciences and humanities to spend money on the top scholars and research to enlighten and enhance discussion of society's most important issues To ensure ongoing global participation and cooperation Election as a Fellow of the British Academy recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement in the humanities or social sciences, as demonstrated by published work, and aims to make the most of the Academy's resources to guarantee the Academy for the future. Fellows may post their names with the letters FBA.

Writing workshops at the British Academy: Purpose and Advantages

  • Awards are limited to a total of £30,000. The funding must be utilized for the actual delivery of the workshops and may be used to pay for travel and related fees, lodging, administrative support and supplies, child care (including for participants), networking, meetings, and/or conferences.
  • Supporting the contribution of Co-Applicants with non-UK addresses who are directly involved in aiding in the organization of the workshop(s) in country will be regarded as an allowable cost.
  • Two years are covered by the prize. This is done to facilitate and recognize the important follow-up and follow-on tasks that a successful writing workshop award will require.
  • The principal applicant must hold postdoctoral or above status and be based at a UK institution or eligible research institute (or have equivalent research experience).
  • For the length of the award, the lead candidate must either hold a permanent post at the institution or hold a fixed-term position.
  • There must be at least one co-applicant from an ODA-eligible nation for each application.
  • All proposals must be ODA-eligible; ODA-eligible initiatives are those whose principal goal is to address issues that are specifically and directly related to those of developing nations.
  • ODA eligibility is a crucial requirement because projects will only be accepted for funding if they can show that they meet the requirements.

Application Deadline

November 9, 2022

How to apply

Applications must be filed online through the Flexi-Grant® Grant Management System (GMS) of the British Academy.

Go to the British Academy website for further information.

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