International Scholarships at University of Queensland Australia in Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Making 2022.

  Do you want to study in Australia University for free with grant, here is your end search. Follow the guidelines below careful and apply.

   With support from the Australian Research Council, the Australian Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making and Society (CoE ADM+S) was founded in 2020. (ARC).

 The Centre, which is based in nine universities in Australia, has national and worldwide connections with top academic, business, and service organizations.

  The Centre's mission is to develop the skills and methods required for inclusive, ethical, and responsible automated decision-making. With researchers from the social sciences, humanities, law, and technological  disciplines, its activity is multidisciplinary.

 Additionally, the center runs a dynamic and forward-thinking research training program for early career researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and PhD students.

Information about University of Queensland, Australia.

   Look at everything we have to offer because we have more scholarships than any other university in the region. You may be able to hold many scholarships at once, depending on the terms and conditions of each scholarship you apply for, so carefully review all of them.

International Scholarships at University of Queensland Australia in Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Making 2022.

University of Queensland PhD Scholarship: Goals and Benefits

  The candidates that were chosen favorably by the University of Queensland will each receive a scholarship worth $31,000 over the course of three years, with the possibility of an additional six months.

Qualifications for the University of Queensland PhD Scholarship

  • Students may apply to the University of Queensland's postgraduate research study programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, communication, media, and experience design, computer science and IT, and law.
  • The applicants must fulfill each of the requirements listed below in order to be eligible.
  • The candidates must exhibit superior academic performance.

Application Deadline

September 22,2022

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidate visit the University of Queensland website at in Australia to apply.

In order to move forward with a formal application, prospective students should submit a draft of their PhD research project to the Project Supervisor for review, discussion, and assistance.

Before submitting an application you should;

When you submit an application for a doctor of philosophy, you also apply for this scholarship (PhD). No additional scholarship application is required.

Please make sure the following is included in the section on scholarships and group study when you apply:

  1. "My higher degree is not collaborative," choose.
  2. Choose "I am submitting an application for, or have received, a scholarship or sponsorship."
  3. Choose "Other," then "Research Project Scholarship," then fill out the "Name of Scholarship" form with "AI-HENMAN."

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