Scholarships for Postdoctoral Training from the Government of Quebec for International Researchers in 2023–2024

 The Fonds de research du Québec's scholarships are intended to:

  • encourage future student generations across a variety of research fields:

  1. engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences (FRQNT)
  2. health of people (FRQS)
  3. social sciences, humanities, arts, and literature (FRQSC)

  • pique the curiosity of future generations of students about research
  • Support research excellence by giving the top students financial aid as they start or continue a master's research program.
This particular program is made to aid foreign nationals who have a doctorate (Ph.D.) in advancing their education and broadening their interests.

It also aims to help these researchers develop their knowledge of fresh scientific settings, fresh research procedures, research project administration, and student leadership and communication abilities. The FRQS anticipates that the internship supervisor will serve as a mentor for the candidate as they pursue academic careers in the future.

About Government of Quebec

Scholarships for Postdoctoral Training from the Government of Quebec for International Researchers in 2023–2024

Aims and Benefit ofGovernment of Quebec Postdoctoral Training Scholarships.

  • The postdoctoral fellowship is worth $45,000 each year.
  • The maximum is six (6) payments of $90,000 each.
  • A bonus of $10,000 per year will be given to those who pursue their postdoctoral studies outside of Quebec.
  • If fellows want to prolong their postdoctoral fellowship award by one year, they can submit an application for renewal in the same competition for the following year. Following the examination, a $45,000 reward for a second year can be given. For more information, refer to the "Renewal" section below.

Qualification Standards for Government of Quebec Postdoctoral Training Scholarships

  • Candidates who seek to start or continue a post-doctoral research training program in one of the fields funded by the Health Fund are targeted by this program.
  • Applicants must be nationals of nations other than Canada and intend to complete their postdoctoral training in Québec in order to be considered for this postdoctoral grant.
  • Prior to the competition's deadline, candidates must have received their PhD in fewer than two (2) years, or they must plan to do so by March 1, 2024. (except for renewal applications).
  • For as long as six (6) semesters or until the conclusion of the program for which the scholarship is requested, whichever comes first, applicants who submit an application to the FRQS are eligible to receive scholarship payments.

Application Deadline

October 6, 2022

How to apply

At least one month before the competition deadline, the Fonds' respective websites will include the 2023–2024 application e-form (see pdf for details). By the competition deadline as specified by the Fonds, the form must be submitted electronically.

Important Information (Section 3.3 CGR): Applicants must complete their applications in adequate time prior to the competition deadline to ensure they have all the necessary materials. Applicants must also be aware of and take into account the large number of grant applications the Fonds will receive in the days leading up to the competition deadline.

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