University of Columbia's Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2023–2024 for Emerging Leaders

   Obama Foundation Scholars at Columbia University will take part in Columbia World Projects, a brand-new program in which academics and researchers from Columbia will collaborate with governing bodies, non-profits, the private sector, and intergovernmental organizations to develop practical answers to contemporary problems. The program will also make use of the special engagement opportunities that come with being in New York City and at one of the most significant research centers in the world.

Obama Organization At Columbia World Projects, scholars work on projects that will have a significant and long-lasting positive impact on people's lives, point the way to solutions to intractable problems, and enrich research and scholarship. Columbia World Projects is a new initiative that aims to systematically bring university research out into the world in the form of projects. The academic year will include CWP programs for scholars.

After completing the program, Obama Foundation Scholars return to the areas where they have been working and continue their path of service, strengthened by their experience. The program's goal is to assist Obama Foundation Scholars in applying the contacts and abilities they develop during the program for the benefit of their communities, nations, and regions. We anticipate that after the program is over, Obama Foundation Scholars will continue to be involved with the organization.

About Obama's Foundation

Through a fundamentally shared set of principles and leadership competencies, the Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa initiative will inspire, develop, and connect up-and-coming leaders from all over the African continent. Together, they will develop a network of ethical changemakers, good role models, and innovators who are ready to address the most pressing issues facing their communities, nations, and continent. 

We're seeking for changemakers who have shown a dedication to improving the common good within their sphere of influence and have a demonstrable potential for impact as well as a commitment to integrity in all spheres of influence, including government, civil society, the commercial sector, and beyond.
University of Columbia's Obama Foundation Scholars Program 2023–2024 for Emerging Leaders

Aims and Benefits of Obama Foundation Masters Scholarship

  • Stipend per month to help with living costs in New York City.
  • A fully equipped studio apartment nearby Columbia University.
  • For up to four courses at Columbia University, including all fees and tuition.
  • For the length of the program, basic health, dental, and life insurance are provided.
  • Any program-related activities as well as air travel to and from the home country.
  • The Obama Foundation's leadership development programs will give students the practical knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to increase the impact of their work when they return home.

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Requirement for the Obama Foundation Master's Scholarship

Rising leaders from all over the world who fit the following requirements are sought after by the Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University:
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to returning to these communities after completing the program and using their improved training, skills, and connections on a long-term basis for the benefit of these communities, as well as a proven commitment to service and leadership within a community, region, or country outside the United States.
  • A "tipping point" in their careers for budding leaders who have made significant contributions to their field.
  • Have a command of English (verbal, written and spoken).
  • possess the capacity and desire to influence their community's destiny for the better.
  • Possess a track record of demonstrating your dedication to teamwork, stewardship, humility, integrity, and inclusivity.

Application Deadline

October 21, 2022

How to apply

Interested and qualified? visit the Obama Foundation on to apply

Please create an account and log in after reading the following criteria. Make careful to click on EVERY submit button on subsequent screens to finish the application!

You can download a PDF of the application requirements and questions at the bottom of this page.

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