Excellent Master's Fellowships at University of Geneva for International Students 2023

   This institution is one of the world best researching University in the Faculty of Science at University of Geneva. A wide range number of scientific courses are covered by this institution, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, pharmaceutical sciences, earth sciences, and environmental studies to mention but a few. The Faculty houses three National Centres of Competence in Research which includes (Chemical Biology, SwissMAP, and Planets) of which the fiercely competitive Swiss National Sciences Foundation is one. The Masters programs offered by this institution in Faculty of Science are a perfect example of this foundation for professional and academic growth which provide access to employment opportunities in business education, scientific administration, communication, and the media. University of Geneva offers master's degree programs in English and French (see the descriptions of each program).

With the assistance of our partnership, the Faculty of Science has created an Excellence Fellowship program that is open to exceptional and highly motivated students who aspire to pursue a Master of Science degree in one of the courses offered by the Faculty. The mode for choosing a candidate is by merit.

Table of contents 

  • About University of Geneva.
  • Aims and Benefits of Excellent Master's Fellowship at University of Geneva.
  • Requirements/Qualification for Excellent Master's fellowship
  • Required Documents for the Application.
  • Application Deadline
  • How to Apply

About University of Geneva 

A highly researching university in Geneva, Switzerland is called the University of Geneva (French; Université de Genève) established by John Calvin in 1559 as a theological seminary and legal school. It weren't a hub for Enlightenment studies until the 17th century, after which it returned to its theological field. It renounced its ties to any one religion in 1873 and became formally secular. Currently the university is the second largest institution in Switzerland with higher learning zero tolerance in admitting new students. The 450th anniversary of the University of Geneva's foundation was commemorated in 2009. Research showed that 40% of the students are foreigners.

Excellent Master's Fellowships at University of Geneva for International Students 2023

Aims and Benefits of Excellent Master's Fellowship at University of Geneva

  • The scholarship value fall between CHF 10,000 and CHF 15,000. If the student is academically successful at the end of the first semester of studies, he/she will be awarded for one year and extended for the regular period of the chosen Master's program (three or four semesters).

Requirements/Qualification for Excellent Master's fellowship

  • Open to all students from reputable institution who have achieved exceptionally high academic standards (belonging to the top 10% of their bachelor's program).

Required Documents for the Application 

The candidate whether English or French must include the following documents in a single PDF file;
  • A scan of your passport or government issued ID.
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) (2 pages maximum).
  • A transcript that will includes all Exams for the tests passed within the bachelor's degree program in your previous institution.
  • A well documented letter of motivation specifically outlining your reasons for applying to be enroll in the University of Geneva's Master of Science program as well as your specific scientific interests.
  • More importantly, a letters of recommendation from two instructors  or professors attesting to your suitability for the program should be supplied (ideally directly from them to Excellent Master's fellowship (at)
  • Other relevant information, such as the outcomes of the GRE (General Requirements Exam), the TOEFL, or another language test is still important.

Application Deadline

March 15, 2023

How to Apply

Online applications are accepted beginning from january next year. After registration, you will get an email with a unique link that you may use to complete the application.

For more details Visit? University of Geneva website.

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