How Bishop Sam Zuga Defraud People with Fake Crypto Token

 Archbishop Samuel Zuga the founder of the popular African coin called ZUGACOIN is the highest Crypto Scam/Fraud ever seen since the development of Blockchain in Africa.

It was a painful and unforgettable experience for many investors more especially country like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Zambia, Kenya etc.

However, the self acclaimed Bishop Samuel Zuga is using a crypto his ZUGACOIN to defraud poor Nigerians and so many other parts of Africa in his quest to become the NO.1 highest crypto holder in the world.

How Bishop Sam Zuga Defraud People with Fake Crypto Token

He created more than 12 tokens and many useless apps within two years. He constantly rug pulled almost of all his tokens at will without consulting investors resulting to countless loss of investors funds they invested into Green Zugacoin (GSZC) presale and extended presale of GSZC etc.

He even boasted that UN and Nigerian SEC backed his fraudulent crypto activities, perhaps attracted more investors to invest wrongly knowing fully well that he's not going to standing on his promises either to launch the coin nor extend the mainnet date.

Let him pay the merchants he asked to sell on trade fares, the buyers' 10% money he deceitfully collected without unleasing the items, cars, house, Keke and others things bought at the trade fairs he organized and #100,000 E-Pin he extorted from the Zugacoin investors and including people's monies that trapped in Old Samzuga Wallet and SZC Merchant Wallet.

Sam Zuga net worth is estimated to be $8 million dollars which is believed to have come from those crypto projects he built for investors. It was regrettable to some people who loss millions of naira in the project.

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Many investors have taken they aggressive mind to social media platform appealing him to refund investors their capital and end this fraud and Ponzi scheme. Many also have lamented about the consecutive losses of fund since early last year. The coin have pumped to thousands of dollars within few days and have continued to dump for about a year now owing to the fact that the founder have made away with the investors fund.

Anyone supporting Sam Zuga and technical team that has fleed Nigeria to the Gambia is nothing chronic scammer who have exposed Nigeria and Africa to abject poverty through loss of fund.

Enough is enough!

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